Glacier Hardwoods exclusively sells hardwood lumber. What is a hardwood? A hardwood is defined by its leaf form; specifically timber from broad-leafed and deciduous trees. The term does not infer hardness – it is a classification. Generally the timber from hardwoods is heavier and harder than from conifer (needle-leaved) trees but there are many exceptions. Some of the lightest weight and softest woods are hardwoods! Balsa, a wood that is soft and lightweight, is a hardwood.

Grades of hardwoods are established by the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) grading rules. These grades relate to the number of standard defects acceptable per given grade and dictate minimum widths and lengths. Glacier Hardwoods stocks most grades of lumber and, if it is not in stock, we will gladly source what you need.

The list below represents our standard inventory. If you are looking for something not shown on the list, give us a call. We can most likely procure what you are looking for.

Standard Lumber Inventory:

• African Mahogany
• Alder
• American Cherry
• Ash
• Birch
• Black Walnut
• Bloodwood
• Brazilian Cherry
• Bubinga
• Butternut
• Canarywood

• Caribbean Rosewood
• Cherry
• Cumaru
• Goncalo Alves
• Hickory
• Honduras Mahogany
• Lacewood (Fish Tail Oak)
• Maple – Curly
• Maple – Eastern Hard
• Padouk
• Poplar

• Purpleheart
• Red Oak
• Santos Mahogany
• Sapele
• Spanish Cedar
• Teak
• Tennessee Cedar (Aromatic)
• Wenge
• White Oak
• Yellowheart
• Zebrawood

We will cut boards at foot increments if we are left with an 8 foot minimum remainder – with the exception of exotic woods. We will cut exotic woods in 2 foot increments with a 4 foot minimum remainder.

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